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Repeating e-mail notifications for DB Rules (SD 4.5 SP20)

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Repeating e-mail notifications for DB Rules (SD 4.5 SP20)


I have one rule which fires 2 days after a planned finish date of a change requesting change coordinators close their ticket. I want to get the rule to fire every 2 days if the change is not closed but currently this is currently not happening. In the criterion of the rule the "Only Execute Once" button is unticked - please see atatchment.

Should this function on a repeated basis or is it actually just a one off?

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Re: Repeating e-mail notifications for DB Rules (SD 4.5 SP20)

Since the planned finish date doesn't change there is only one time that it is two days after the planned date. If you want the rule to repeat, you would need to have a date field that is updated each time the e-mail is sent. For example, if you had a date field named, Finish Date 2 you would need to write a seperate UI rule that makes that date two days past the Planned Finish Date. Then modify your current DB rule to run based on that date (may need to set it to run 1 minute after), then when the e-mail is sent add a update data step to add two days to the Finish Date 2 field (add timespan to Finish Date 2 equals 2 days). If you leave all the checks in place this should cause the e-mail to be sent every two days until the Change is completed.

It would work something like this:

Planned Finish Date = 5/1
Finish Date 2 = 5/3
E-mail sent add two days
Finish Date 2 = 5/5
E-mail sent add two days
and on and on ...

Until the Change is set to complete.

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