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Remote Update

1211 jack
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Remote Update

The customer is using roaming profiles, the 3Mb servicepack.jar file is included in the roaming profile, along with the other .dat files (views.dat etc). The servicepack.jar causes roaming profile size limit problems. so they want to move Servicepack.jar file to another folder. But it is impossible to do that.

Now the problem is that can they mix clients with Remote Updater and full install? They want some OVSD users still use the Remote Updater function to receive the latest Service Pack (in their case, SP20 download applied to SP11 base install), while other users have the full SP20 install on their client?

The idea is that for the second group, they won’t have a servicepack.jar file in their roaming profile whereas the first group still will.

The option for Remote Update is a system level option, but they hoping that the tool will only do a remote update download if it finds the client is not already at server’s service pack level.
Ondra Ernyei
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Re: Remote Update


yes, basically you can mix both clients already containing SP20 and those, who will receive updates through remote update.
I never played with clients with roaming profiles, however it should work as client detects whether it has the same SP level as at the server side.
You should better test it.

If there are any problems, assign the roaming users an AD policy to run the client upgrade as follows:
msiexec /p client.msp REINSTALL=ALL /q

I hope this helps and regards,

Ken Briscoe
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Re: Remote Update

Hey 1211jack (or is it ZZ) - I'm the customer so interesting to see my query here! I'll monitor this but I don't fully understand what Ondra is saying about the AD command. Will wait to hear back from you. .....Ken.
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