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Release management and testing

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Karol Raffay
Super Contributor.

Release management and testing

Is Release management the part of HP Servicedesk? I'm asking this question because we intend testing our applications in HP Servicedesk.According to ITIL Servicedesk is designed for this purpose.

Thanks for the answer.

Robert S. Falko
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Re: Release management and testing


You can use OVSD to support release management, although you will not find anyplace in the product that is specifically dedicated to this process.

Here is what we have done :

1) a CI category called Release was created. It allows us to create a "Release", which is related to each CI in the release.

2) a custom code field for CIs was set up to track the specific phases of the release process - which are more detailed than the status of the CI.

3) templates were created for changes and work orders to manage the release workflow.

You might also consider custom fields to describe the DSL and DHS locations of CIs.

If you are using software to manage the development and testing parts of software development, you might consider some interface with OVSD in order to create either CIs or changes / work orders.

You might also think of a release manager role, but only if this role is really required.

Good luck,
Karol Raffay
Super Contributor.

Re: Release management and testing