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Relation types?

Carlos Castaned
Regular Contributor.

Relation types?

To relate a Service call to a Problem, what relation type should be used?
Is the SC Caused by the problem? Or is it Solved by the problem?

By problem we mean work arounds inside of problems.
Ruth Porter
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Re: Relation types?

Hi Carlos,

These realtion type names are very confusing and for that reason we do not use them. I would recommend changing the name of one of these to something less confusing or blocking these and adding a new one.

Hope this helps

Carlos Castaned
Regular Contributor.

Re: Relation types?

Thanks Ruth.

In our organisation we have decided to keep the relation types, but as you say, they are quite confusing. Tried to find any info in the documentation also.
Soon we will implement Change management and then we will have the same problem when relating to a Service call: is the SC caused or solved by the change?
When it comes to change it should be "caused by", but I am not sure. This monday we will launch the HP tool for our whole organisation and at the moment I am documenting how we should work in the system. So anyone out there that knows how the relation types should be, please help me out.

Carlos Castaneda
Nynas Petroleum
Ramaprasad N
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Re: Relation types?

The relationship between a service call and a change could be either caused by or solved by. From my perspective, both types are possible. A change could be from a service call. However, this change might give raise to new issues, which again get registered as service calls.