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Relation planned start - planned finish

Jos Mol
Occasional Advisor

Relation planned start - planned finish

Can somebody tell me if there is any funtional relation between those two fields.

When i create the planned start date SD also creates the planned finish date. Even so when i delete the planned finish date the planned start date is also cleared.

There is no UI or DB rule running about this date fields.
Robert S. Falko
Honored Contributor

Re: Relation planned start - planned finish


There is a relation. The way it ought to work is that Planned Start, Finish and Duration are related. Whenever you enter any two, the remaining one is calculated automatically.

Regular Collector

Re: Relation planned start - planned finish

Hi Jos;

Check the template you are using. In the field "Planned Duration", my guess is that there is a value in there (probably the default of 1:00). You can remove the planned duration so that there is no automatic calculation of planned start & planned finish.

Hope this helps

Regards, Angie
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