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Relation Incidents and Problems

Reinout Bolweg
New Member.

Relation Incidents and Problems


We are working with SD 4.5. We have a Helpdesk which primarily works with the Incident Module. Our Problem Manager works -ofcourse- with the Problem Module.

What I want to do is make an intuitive relation between both modules.

Basically I want the Helpdesk to log an incident and if a certain classification is selected the Incident is automatically related to a certain problem and in the information field of the Incident information about the problem is automatically displayed: eg. the work-around or a specific procedure which must be followed in case of this incident.

Objective is to be able to place a employee on the Helpdesk who does not know all the ins and outs of all problems, but if he or she stumbles across one he/she will be alerted to it automatically.

Ofcourse, the rules (which classification is related to which problem) need to be defined by the Problem Process - but then it should work.

I cannot imagine that I am the first to struggle with this question and hope one of you can help.

Underlying issue is that different situations require different courses of action by the Helpdesk, but now there are so many procedures they cannot tell them apart anymore. The suggested relation should solve this I would think. Furthermore, all relevant incidents are automatically linked to the relevant problem which is a bonus.

I have been thinking that perhaps something should be possible using templates, but it has not worked so far - hope you can help.