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Relating/unrelating multiple CIs to Persons

Terry A. Moir
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Relating/unrelating multiple CIs to Persons

We have a requirement to modify the relationship of multiple CI's from one person to another. Looks like this is not possible to do all at once, nor even individually from the Person record.

Does anyone have a workaround?

Even trying to see all CI's used by a person in a view that would allow us to modify the CI relationship individually is difficult - I tried creating a Person explorer view with "used" CI's in a leaf, to no avail. Can't seem to create an overview showing all CI's "Used" by Persons either.

The only solution I can come up with is by doing a CI advanced find and typing Users;User on the Advanced tab field to see a list of CI's used by a user. Still can't do a multiple update on the Relationship though...

Any ideas would be appreciated...
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Re: Relating/unrelating multiple CIs to Persons

In the Templates section of the Admin Console is a template called CI user. You may need to create a template, if so, just click the upper left icon under file and mine created a template with the value of USER as the only field.

I thought this was odd but tried to use it in an import map.

The import map shows three fields, Configuration Item, Template, and User.

You should be able to use this map to tie a USER to a Configuration Item by loading the data.

Hope this helps!
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