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Relating service calls to alerts

Dale Gunder
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Relating service calls to alerts

In our organization we have need of two types of relations for Incidents to Alerts. Using:hp OpenView service desk 4.5.0588.0802 (SP8)

Example 1: Print Server goes down in building. Alert is created and all service calls regarding Print problems for that site are related to alert and made secondary incidents. Print Server is fixed the alert is closed; all secondary incidents are closed as well. This is working fine.

Example 2: Virus is passed through email affects couple hundred workstations. Alert is created; definition files are updated and pushed to the field. Service calls for virus are related to Alert (so Mgmt can track), however, each incident remains and an incident, not modified to be made secondary incident, because each pc requires hands on to have the virus be removed by technicians and is not fixed just by pushing updated definition files to field. This is not working; whenever the alert is modified the Incidents are modified to be secondary incidents.

Is example 2 possible? Is it possible to relate Incidents (not make them Secondary Incidents) to Alert for informational purposes?
Doug Paradis
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Re: Relating service calls to alerts

If I understand what you are asking, I would use a Problem in these cases and relate the Incidents and Service Calls to the problem. It is easy to create a problem and then drag all the Incidents or SCs onto the relations tab of the Problem. One problem can hold relations to both system generated Incidents and people generated SCs.