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Questions ServiceDesk 4.5 SP17

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Questions ServiceDesk 4.5 SP17

Few Questions

1. Is their a way to dedicate a server instance to handle the schedule tasks?

2. Also, is their a way to load balance the users that use the web console?

3. Last question, what are your thoughts on the web console? I would like to hose it and use only clients. Possibly use the web console for people who are traveling. It seems to really be bogging down one of our two application servers.

Any information would be great. Thanks.
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Re: Questions ServiceDesk 4.5 SP17

One more thing. We have a scheduled task that changes the status from Pending Closure to Completed after 14 days. Can you think of a different way of accomplishing the same thing without logging a lot of scheduled tasks.

Our other scheduled task is to raise the escalation if the service call is within an hour of the deadline.

Those are our only scheduled tasks and we currently are logging around 7000 scheduled tasks. Any tips would be great.
Mark O'Loughlin
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Re: Questions ServiceDesk 4.5 SP17


for your last post you need to look at chnaging your process first. I am presuming that the change from pending closure to closure is to allow users time to call back about their call or something similar.

What I have done to eliminate such rules that create unnecessary scheduled tasksof which this type of rule create a lot of is ...

... blosk the rule. Change your process to say that calls will be set to a status of closed instead of a pending closed state and set up an email rule to send the caller / requestor an e-mail on closure of the ticket. That way the caller is informed and the onus is on them to call back to report any further issues. I also state that the user has 1-3 days to call back or the call is considered closed. What ever time works for you.

This will eliminate the vast numbers of scheduled tasks. The server should be able to handle the email sends ok.

As for web consloe I was never a big fan of it in the early days as it did have one or two limitations that I did not like -