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Query restricted order

Alfio Torrisi
Super Contributor.

Query restricted order


i would like use query restricted in ServiceCalls views to make more performance my servicedesk 5.1.

I would like it shows last service calls opened: but the system show them without order.... can you help me to restict view in rational mode?

thank you!!!
Mike Bush
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Query restricted order

Alfio, I'm afraid you cannot achieve what you want. Query restriction is applied on the unsorted data returned so you are at the mercy of the way the DB returns the data. From empirical data (trial and error) it seems to be the OLDEST data which comes back but some AMENDMENTS cause records to move around the DB and hence not be "so old"

You should view query restriction as a "safety valve" to prevent overload of database and network - users should NOT be hitting it in their regular work - they should have more specific views to let them work without hitting the limit - if they cannot then the limit is too low!