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Problems with e-mail debugging

Funky junky
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Problems with e-mail debugging

When SD receives incoming e-mail only 2 lines appear in serverlog.txt:

Mn, 23/04/2007 11:03:53 Started parsing E-mail
Mn, 23/04/2007 11:03:54 Ended parsing duration: 250 ms

How to make the detailed logging work? The "E-mail debug" checkbox in e-mail general setting is enabled.
Alexey Dukov
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Re: Problems with e-mail debugging

Try to edit checkbox in Tools->Systems-> General Settings. Checkbox name 'Rule Manager Debug', and check our checkbox in e-mail general setting.
Also try to restar sd server service.

Hope this help.

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Dean Morrell
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Re: Problems with e-mail debugging

I saw this too - in our case, it was caused by the incoming e-mail address(es) set incorrectly.

Admin console -> System Panel -> Email -> Inbound Email Addresses

Go here and make sure that the address matches with the address you're sending the mail to.

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