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Problems with Scheduled Database Rule

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Colleen Talbert
Super Contributor.

Problems with Scheduled Database Rule

I would not rule out user (or Administrator in this case) error, but my rule is listed below and the problem I'm having is this: if the user Accepts and Closes the ticket before the 1 hour prior to Expected Acceptance mark, it still executes the email. Its almost like the email is already in queue and sends regardless of the status at the time it should execute. I though checking the "Evaluate this rule when the field has changed" box would stop this from happening. Please let me know if the Rule is completely wrong and how I can fix it.

When service call is created
where NOT (Assignment;Assignment Status (*) equals RejectedORWrong WorkgroupORAcceptedORCompleted, Schedule the validation of this condition at 1 hour Before Expected Acceptance, Only execute once)
Expected Acceptance in 1 hour (Send e-mail message) , Send to: [Assignment;To workgroup], Subject: SC-[ID] needs to be accepted in 1 hour, Message: The expected acceptance date for SC-[ID] is set for [Expected Acceptance] . Please log in to Service Desk and accept responsibility for this ticket.

Caller: [Caller]
Description: [Description]

Tim Schmitt_4
Honored Contributor.

Re: Problems with Scheduled Database Rule

Hi Colleen.

I would look into changing the condition of the rule to fire when calls are created or modified because I think that if a rule is scheduled to execute only when it's created, any modifications to the service call would not deactivate the rule from firing.