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Problem with schedule

Occasional Advisor

Problem with schedule

We use OVSD 5.1 SP1

In a service call, we have a custom field named 'Assignement Deadline' where the value is calculated by an UI rule (current time + 2 hours) when a ticket is dispatched

In the DB Rules, we have a rule which schedule an e-mail when this Assignement Deadline is reached. Use Support Hours is checked form this rule.
In the support hours we have configured 7h30 to 18h30

If the 'Assignement Deadline' is beyond 18h30, the OVSD scheduler set the rules to be triggered à 18h30. For instance, if the assignement is done at 17h00, the Assignement Deadline is set to 19h00 and OVSD fires the rule at 18h30. What we need is the rules to be fired only during support hours, but not by anticipation.

The perfect working way is if the rule fires at 8h00 next day (i.e: 17h to 18h30 = 1h30, time remaining: 30 minutes. 7h30 + 30 minutes=8h00). Is there a way to achive this behaviour with OVSD ? Or is it possible to compute the 'Assignement Deadline' diffrerently when current time is before 16h30 (current time + 2 hours) and another way when Current Time is after 16h30 (current time + 15 hours)? Or change the Assignement Dealine after it has been set when it is set beyond 18h30 ? Or any other other workaround you may think ?
Mike Bush
Honored Contributor

Re: Problem with schedule

Apologies for the delay, have only just found this one! I think you can make this work via the "Planned Start - Duration - Finish" trick we have used elsewhere. In a DB rule set Planned Start to now and Planned Duration to 2 hours -> Planned Finish will calculate taking Support Hours into account (remember to set SYS ADM switch correctly). This can be transferred to your "Assignment Deadline". Then a second rule can fire on this field being "not empty" and do the scheduled action 1 minute after this time.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event