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Problem with roles

Tommy Koronen_1
Regular Collector

Problem with roles

I have a group of users that are able to handle Service calls, but not Close them.
They belong to a role that has write access to a lot of the Service call fields, but the Status access does not include the Closed status.

Now I got a request that they also should be able to relate Problems to Closed Service calls.
So I tried to add a new role. Where all Service call fields are hidden, except "relations" that has write permission, and Status access is set to Closed only (from Closed to Closed).

But accounts added to this new role are now able to Close Service calls, and change almost any field even when the status is Closed!

So is seems that the resulting permissions allow anything that the sum of the roles allow!
One role allows access in the Closed status, and another role allows write access to the Description field, so Service desk allows the user to change the Description when the status is Closed.

Does anybody have an idea how I could implement what is requested?
I.e. having one set of permissions normally, and another set when the status is Closed.



Re: Problem with roles

hi tommy,

i think that you will have to work the other way around, give them the access in the problem to write the relation. if they want to relate a SC they have to do it from the problem instead of the SC.
And yes, the log is sum of the roles that person uses...

hope this helps.

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Tommy Koronen_1
Regular Collector

Re: Problem with roles

They already have access to Problem, and can add the relation there.
But the thing is that they want to be able to use the action "Create Problem - copy values from current item", which seems to require write access to the Service call.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event