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Problem whith installation Reporting HPOVSD 5.1

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Problem whith installation Reporting HPOVSD 5.1


I installed HPOVSD 5.1 Reporting and got error message:
There was a failure with this installation. Component package installation command has returned a non-zero error code. HP OpenView Service Desk Reporting Package will not be installed. To rollback this installation and remove all the installed packages, click Rollback. To cancel the installation and leave all the packages intact, click Quit.
HP OpenView Reporting PI- Software 5.10.050 installation
Component package installation for HPOvRpiSo 5.10.050 has failed

Log-files is in attachment.

Can somebody help me?
Raman Shcharbak
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Re: Problem whith installation Reporting HPOVSD 5.1

Pash, first you have to install HP OV Performance Insight (seems to me that oracle needed), and only then - Reporting pakage! This is covered somewhere in Installation Guide (russian version exists).
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event