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Problem setting up block rule

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Jan Gunnar Helg
Senior Member

Problem setting up block rule

Our change manager wants to prevent the user from altering the information field once a certain status has been reached.

As we are running HPOVSD 4.5 SP21 I cannot use the user notification message together with when a value has change for UI rules.

Is there any other way to block users from altering the information field for the given status?

PS: I do not have access to a SP17 or lower enviroment, if I had I would re-create the rule on this enviroment.
Mark O'Loughlin
Honored Contributor

Re: Problem setting up block rule


hjave a look at the limit field value part of UI rules.

With the user notifiction you can use an error message with the ON SAVE condition. the user can change the value but on saving will not be able to if the value changes. its not great if user has changed other allowable valuse.

You could use a rule to put the call into a folder that the users only have read access to the fields and the UI rule to place the cal in the folder is triggered from the status change.
George M. Meneg
Honored Contributor

Re: Problem setting up block rule

Well, you can do it by sacrificing a custom 4k text field.

Create a rule when item is opened at the given status to copy information to the custom field.

Then create a second rule before the item is saved to issue an information message "You are not allowed to alter information at given status", then set information to the custom field.

It's better this way (instead of error) because the user is warned that changes made in the information field will be discarded without discarding any other changes to ticket.

menes fhtagn
Jan Gunnar Helg
Senior Member

Re: Problem setting up block rule

George, Im trying to wrap my head around your solution but I cannot understand how this would solve my problem.

Could you perhaps explain it a bit more detailed?

Thank you
Peter Dent
Frequent Visitor

Re: Problem setting up block rule

If I may....I think what George is saying is that Mark's solution is a good one....using the User Notification Message with the "Before The Item Is Saved" condition, rather than the "When a value has Changed" condition.

But....with the addition of a hidden 4k field and another UI rule which copies the value of the Information field to this hidden 4k field when the form is opened.

Then if the error condition arises and the user Notification Message is produced, then the original value, from the hidden 4k field can be copied back into the Information field at the same time. Overwriting waht the user has put in there.

This means that the record can be saved without losing any other changes that were made at the same time.

They would be lost becaus eht user would be forced to either refresh the screen or just abandon the save altogether.

To make this work the "Before the Item is Saved" rule would have to have the condition of:

"If Information is not equal to Hidden 4k field". This would be instead of "If Information has changed"

This is because if the rule replaces the user Information with the original Information then, it will have changed and the rule will fire again and you'd be stuck in a loop.

George, Mark, please feel free to correct any of this........
Mark O'Loughlin
Honored Contributor

Re: Problem setting up block rule

That sounds fine. As I looked again over the question i see that it is specific to informantion text field so limit values is of no use here.

The alternative solution is a good one. One question though. What if the value of the information field is above 4k. I am assuming that the information field is the 64k field.

Back to Jan:

Jan have you set up the information field so that it is read only 100% of the time and use a 4k text field to allow users add the updates. That way the information field cannot be modified. Any updates to it past a certain point can be recorded with the date and time and user who did the update. I find this sufficient.
Jan Gunnar Helg
Senior Member

Re: Problem setting up block rule


I implemented your suggestion. It worked just like I wanted it to.

Thank you very much!
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event