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Problem on cloning SD to a new server

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Problem on cloning SD to a new server

I have 1 server where servicedesk works fine, so i decided to "clone" that installation to a new server so that I could do some tests of my own.

The procedure i took was to install the same environment in the new server as the "old" one. So i installed SDK, Oracle Database, ServiceDesk, etc!
Next i made an oracle export of the user servicedesk from the production database (witch created an dump file).

On the new server i made an oracle import of the user servicedesk to the instance created there.

What happends is that when i open SD on the newserver pointing to the user imported through export/import SD doen't work, it gives the error that you can see on the attachment.
If i try to create an SD user with the "run database wizard" from SD, then it works fine.

The only thing that i notice diferent between the 2 servers is the location where SD is installed (assume that on server 1 is on C: and on server 2 is on E:), every thing else is equal.

Can you please give me an hand to try to figure out what is happening here?

Thanks in advance!
Robert Champion
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Re: Problem on cloning SD to a new server

The logs indicated that your database is SP18 and your application server is SP17. These need to match.

Run the SP18 server upgrade in your cloned environment.

Petter Solgaard
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Re: Problem on cloning SD to a new server

Hi, we are currently running SD4.5 sp15 and have just cloned our productionenv. to a test env. Our problem is that vi now can't log in to the testenv. with the SD-client. If we use Service Pages we get access. Do anybody now is this is a problem with using det client with 2 application servers or do we have to adjust our testenv? DB or server?

The problem with the client is that we select "servicedesk-test"(testenv) and end up logging in to "servicedesk"(productionenv)

I read in another thread that one should empty table rep_sessions and rep_servers after cloning. Did you do this?

Any thoughts would be appreciated

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Re: Problem on cloning SD to a new server

Hi there!

I've noticed that i've uploaded the wrong logserver file, my appologies for that. So i'm uploading the correct logserver now.

Everything is at SP17 level, so it's not from there.

Thanks again!
Robert Champion
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Re: Problem on cloning SD to a new server

Couple of things to check.

Make sure that the JAVA JRE version is the same on both environments. The Oracle JRE is probably being used because JAVA_HOME is not set and that it is finding it in the path from oracle first.

Compare the %sd_serverhome%\server_settings.xml files from the two environments.
You could also try copying the server_settings.xml from the 1st environment and edit it to reflect the new database connection details.

In your orginal environment had you modified the JVM memory settings in
%sd_serverhome%\bin\installservice.bat ?
(e.g. -XX:MaxNewSize=)

Can you TNSPING the DS INSTANCE name of the database you are tring to connect to.?
If not then you may have an oracle listener misconfiguration.

Otherwise post the startup header from logserver.txt from the original environment so we could compare with the original setup. (and possibly the serversettings.xml from both servers)

I hope that helps.
Ruth Porter
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Re: Problem on cloning SD to a new server

Hi there,

Try renaming the cache folder and xml files in the server home folder (usually C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\OpenView\service desk 4.5\server or simnilar on a windows system).

Then use the server settings editor to specify the DB details and restart the service.

Hope this helps


(PS it is usual to give some points)