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Problem in creating service call using email command

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Problem in creating service call using email command


I have configured in my server to create the servicecalls when the subject field contains the email command.I am able to create a mail and every thing is perfect.

My problem is the caller field is not getting populated.
My settings are
I have enabled the access level for New Email command as only persons only.
I have also defined in my inbound email template to update the caller information using the current persons.
I'm getting the return mail with the following message.

The E-mail you sent has not resulted in the registration or update of a Service Call.
The following error(s) occurred:
Access denied: incorrect account name or password. Click OK to retry to log on.
If you have any questions pertaining to this message, you can contact the helpdesk during normal support hours.
This message has been generated automatically.
Please do not reply to this message.

The user for this email id already exist as person also has account in service pages.

Can any one help me in finding out where is the problem.

Karthic Madanagopal
Anda Apine

Re: Problem in creating service call using email command

Check the e-mail address of person who is sending - is it the same as for person record in service desk?

Ivan Sakharov
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Re: Problem in creating service call using email command


I think that problem is in the role of user. Make sure that person who updated or created this SC has rights `to write` for the fields that he updated in email message.
Also the problem may be in email template for creation or update SC. All required fields must be filled in the template or listed in the user email message.
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Re: Problem in creating service call using email command


Thanks for u'r reply,

I have checked the points in u'r mail, every thing is perfect.the problem is I'm able to log a call only the caller is not getting auto populated(when my access level setting is not to check the email id).

The persons Service pages account name should be the same of Persons searchcode or name.Please clarify my doubt.

Honored Contributor

Re: Problem in creating service call using email command


I have had this issue before, and if you set the access level (System Settings, then open the E-Mail commands tab and select the New command to edit) to "unrestricted" it will not fill the caller, since it is not verifying it in the application, because access to this is unrestricted.

If you set the access level either to "Only existing Persons" or "Only existing Person with Account" it will validate the incoming's email address and get the caller filled in the new Service Call according to the person's reacord that matches that email address in the CMDB.

Randall Barrantes
SW Support Delivery Manager
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event