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Problem in Installation of NNM in W2003

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Problem in Installation of NNM in W2003

Dear Sir,
I have already installed NNM 7.5 in Window XP but at that time I hadn't faced any Problem, Now I am facing one problem In installing NNM in W2003 Indicating that "gui.dll is missing and may be fixed by re-install". I have try re-installed for 2 times, still useless.....
What the meaning of this and it happends around 68% of Installation.
please help me out.
Thanks as an adance
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Rachid Jarouy_1
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Re: Problem in Installation of NNM in W2003

dear heisam,
normaly there is no pb to install in 2003, if you are suspecting the prerequisit, your problem will apair befor starting installation, since you are about 68% of insatallation.
your problem my be reading from cd only,
tray to copy the full cd in one directory and install from there,
beleve that workgroup give more and efficient result