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Problem in Import Mapping

M Kumar
Super Contributor.

Problem in Import Mapping

Hi All,

I want to ignore one sub OU while synchronizing with Active Directory. For Ex.
if OU is named as B34 having sub OU's as Admin,HR,Team Leader,Team Member.

B34 (parent OU)and child OU's are-

-Team Leader
-Team Member

We are using B34 OU in our .INI file for importing data from AD. Is there any way to ignore Team Member child OU. My .INI file is as below-



George M. Meneg
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Problem in Import Mapping

Hello Manoj,

You need to add additional condition Name is not "Team Member" and (if I'm not mistaken) this must be done using ldap syntax.

Try something like that

CONDITION=(&((objectCategory=CN=Person,CN=Schema,CN=Configuration,DC=eserveglobal,DC=com)(!Name=Team Member)))
menes fhtagn
M Kumar
Super Contributor.

Re: Problem in Import Mapping

Hi George,

Thanks for you response.I believe the solution suggested by you is very close to solution but it is not working here for OU.
Jonathon Druce
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Problem in Import Mapping

Have you tried

CONDITION=(&(objectCategory=Person)!(OU=Team Member))
M Kumar
Super Contributor.

Re: Problem in Import Mapping

Thanks for response Jonathon, but sorry to say it is also not working. It is importing Team Member OU users also.
Raman Shcharbak
Honored Contributor.

Re: Problem in Import Mapping

I use csvde to import users from AD
The resulting csv file then can be atthached to odbc. But previously you can filter unneeded rows using findstr command:
type myAllusers.csv | findstr -V "My OU string to skip" > myNeededUsers.csv.