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Problem in Audit Logs

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Problem in Audit Logs

Hi System handle is Service Desk 4.5 SP 20.

In Audit logs configuration we do not have any option for keeping audit on "Schedule Tasks" but still in Audit logs log entry details we are getting large number of messages which says that schedule tasks deleted with the details as given below:

Login Name: System
Action: Delete
Log entry; Schedule task deleted.

Please do let me know why this is coming as schedule task we are not able to audit in audit log configuration.

Ruth Porter
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Re: Problem in Audit Logs

Hi Crystenia,

As far as I know, you cannot confgure this.

Are you saying you do not want to see these?

You can export this audit log to an excel spreadsheet or word doc and use the search features there to find what you want.

Hope this helps, Ruth
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Re: Problem in Audit Logs


I want to know why it is coming if I ma not auditing "Schedule Tasks" in audit logs.