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Problem Integration OVO-SD 4.5 SP 18

Maximo 5
Super Contributor.

Problem Integration OVO-SD 4.5 SP 18


I need to pass the create date from OVO alarm to Date field format in SD.
The problem is that the incident doesn't registerd because in sd_event the date of OVO alarm is text plain and the date field of SD is date format.

How do I it?

Jan Schepers
Super Contributor.

Re: Problem Integration OVO-SD 4.5 SP 18

I think the easiest way is to use an intermediate vbs script to format the date string from OVO into the format used by SD (this depends on the date settings in SD and the user settings of the user calling sd_event). Easiest is to use the short date format as defined in OVSD. The date will then still be a string but SD should accept it. Next call sd_event from within the vbs.