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Problem - Incident relations and rules

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Craig R Taylor
Honored Contributor.

Problem - Incident relations and rules


We have a rule in the Problem module that sends and email to the owner of the problem when an incident is related to it. One thing we are encountering however is that when the related incident is closed, the rule is fired and an email is sent. Is this behavior normal? i.e. If the condition is when a problem record is modified, does Service Desk consider the problem record to be modified when a related record is closed?

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George M. Meneg
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Re: Problem - Incident relations and rules

Hello Craig,

I suspect since there is no sane way (through service desk) if a relation is made the rule should be like this:

When an incident is created/modified updates a related problem's field that with another db rule sends e-mail. So if no special care is taken to notify related problem that incident is closed, then the trigger will execute when incident is modified, then this would update a problem's field and this will trigger the send e-mail action.

Unofortunately beloved HP didn't provide a check like "when a service relation is created" and we try some ugly workarounds with their flaws.
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