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Priority clears in inbound email

Sergiy Bilous
Trusted Contributor.

Priority clears in inbound email

Could someone help me to understand the feature of mapping email priority to ServiceCall priority? The system is HP SD 4.5 SP6.
The problem is in step 3:
1. I send the email to Service Desk, and new ServiceCall is successfully created. "Priority" field is properly set (for example, HIGH).
2. DB-rule is run which sets the "Service" field. System automatically sets corresponding "SLA" and "SL".
3. "Priority" clears or is reset to diffrent one.

I see that priority clears because "Impact" is blank. But when I set "Impact" to something else in the template, the priority changes to specified in Service Level for that Impact.

So the problem is that any way I lose the priority specified by user.

PS: HP SD with Service Pack 19 (our lab) does not have this behaviour.