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Priority Settings for Outbound E-mail

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Rita Johnson
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Priority Settings for Outbound E-mail

Hi all,

We are using OVSD 4.5, SP18.

We have a situation in our environment that an automated e-mail triggered by critical incidents is received as high priority e-mail for some of our users and regular e-mail for others. So one person in the workgroup could receive it as a high priority e-mail while the others in that same workgroup receive a regular e-mail.

We have checked our e-mail priority mappings, DB rules and all but cannot determine the cause.

1)Does anyone know what else could be checked?

2)We have turned on debugging. Unfortunately only half of the smtp header shows up in the log file. What can we do to see the entire header?

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Re: Priority Settings for Outbound E-mail


I think the users are setting up a rule in their local email client to flag the emails from SD as a particular priority.

I don't know that there is anything in SD that is configurable to make the email priority different when for certain people when sent to multiple workgroups. Good luck!
Rita Johnson
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Re: Priority Settings for Outbound E-mail

Thank you Jesse.