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Printing multiple copies of TT

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Sheshachala G S
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Printing multiple copies of TT

Hi All,

I have a specific requirement from the customer. When 'print' for a trouble ticket is selected, customer wants to print multiple copies (4 copies) of the same trouble ticket with different headers. In other words, each TT shall have a header like "Administration Copy", "Manager's Copy", "Engineering Team Copy" and "Operator Copy". Just checking with you if there is a way of configuring OVSD to print multiple copies of the TT like this.

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Ruth Porter
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Re: Printing multiple copies of TT

Hi there,

As far as I am aware there is no to do this in version 5 unless you could use the java web api for it or exporting the record.

In 4.5, you could do a print preview, publish it and then modify the published file using microsoft word possibly using a word macro to automte the 4 copies.

But I would have thought it was better to give the relevant people access and let them each print their own copy.

Hope this helps