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Presenting Service call ID in Workorder (with intermediate Change)

Caroline Kraaij
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Presenting Service call ID in Workorder (with intermediate Change)


SD4.5 SP17

It is possible to have Service calls with related Workorders and to have Service calls with a related Change that in turn has related Workorders. In both cases we would like the Service call ID to be presented in the Workorders.

In the first case Servicedesks arranges this itself, but in the second case the Service call field in the Workorders stay empty.

I tried to settle this with a Database Rule, but I cannot select Service call as a Workorder field here.

Before I start to solve this with Custom Fields, does anyone know anothor and easy way?

Thanks very much in advance for your reply!


George M. Meneg
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Re: Presenting Service call ID in Workorder (with intermediate Change)

Hello Caroline,

Though it is possible to have the same series of workorders related to change and to service call i'd say it's a rather bad idea because of the difference in flows (workorders in changes have predecessor/successor relations while in service call don't).

However this can be done with db rules and a little help of a bug in OVSD. Create two custom text fields name "cha_ser_id", "wor_ser_id" one for Changes and one for workorders.

Create a db rule for service calls when it is changed to update related changes. Select "cha_ser_id" to have the value of the service call id.

Create a DB rule on changes that will be trigger when item is changed cha_ser_id is not empty. As action update related workorders. set wor_ser_id to the value of the cha_ser_id.

This is the simple version. You could use sd_event instead of update a custom field to actual MAKE a relation between workorders and service calls but as I stated earlier, this is a bad idea.
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