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Populate the CMDB from OVO

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Populate the CMDB from OVO

Hi there,

Our organisation has recently implemented Service Desk 4.5.

I am looking into populating the CMDB in SD 4.5 by using the data exchange tool to import the nodes and services from OVO.

We are hoping to use OVO to automatically update information in SD. Im not sure whether this can be done. Or do we need to manually fill in most of the details.

The idea is to remove the existing xls spreadsheet that we currently use that contains all the detail of each server and use the CMDB. Also removing human input, as relying on human input will result in the spreadsheet never being up to date.

Can someone tell me where to look for info on implementing this. I have check the Data Exchange Guide, but do not see a specific reference to importing CI's from OVO?

Any guides/references or help would be much appreciated.

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Re: Populate the CMDB from OVO

What fields / attributes of each CI can you obtain from OVO? Can you extract the information from OVO to something like Excel and then create an XLM file through the ECW process via ODBC connection to Excel?

If you can do that, that is at least a "initial" populate solution.

The step you need to think about is how you keep the CMDB updated. We use the Change Management process to front our CMDB, requiring all CMDB updates to log an RFC and associated WO. You could also build in automation, to update CIs, but that is a more technically involved solution depending on tools and abilities.
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Re: Populate the CMDB from OVO

There is an integration module for OVO unix which includes the possibility of using OVO managed nodes as the source for CMDB.

Take a look at the ovounixci.ini and ovowindowsci.ini for nodes, and ovounixservices.ini and ovowindowsservices.ini for services. Also, the corresponding import maps.

There is a guide called OVO integration guide that details how to make those work.
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Re: Populate the CMDB from OVO

PAGE 73 ovo unix specific.

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Re: Populate the CMDB from OVO

Thanks for this. I have the OVO_Integration_AG.pdf and it seems to have most of the info I am looking for.