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Populate a web-form via SC ticket

Gail D

Populate a web-form via SC ticket

I have found several examples of generating a SD form via a web-form but nothing on how to populate a web-form via a service call ticket.
the customer wants to click a submit button on a SC ticket to then populate a web-form with the data from the SC ticket. I assuming I'll need to use sd_event and a servlet to populate the web-form??
Has anyone done this or have any ideals on how to do this?
George M. Meneg
Honored Contributor

Re: Populate a web-form via SC ticket

Hello Gail,

It's simpler than that. On UI and DB rules there is the action "Data update from external system"

There you give the target url and as parameters you can pass the values from sd

for example

http://post_to_url? is the url
and as parameters
ID=[ID]&START=[Actual Start]

make sure either to pass "escaped" values to parameters or the program there should parse it itself.

For example for real world we used this for exchanging data with an oracle crm

ACT_START=@#%[Actual Start]@#%
IDENTITY=@#%[Source ID]@#%
OTE_TICKET_NUM=@#%[OTE ticket number]@#%
ACKN_CODE=@#%[Acknowledgment Code;Ordering]@#%
SEVERITY=@#%[CRM Severity]@#%
ACT_FINISH=@#%[Actual Finish]@#%

the @#% is aggreed as "quote" character sequens in order to be able to pass quotes and carriage returns. We choosed it because it would be difficult a string to contain @#%
menes fhtagn
Gail D

Re: Populate a web-form via SC ticket

It looks great. I cann't wait to test it on Monday. I'm off work today. Will let you know as soon as I test it out.
Thanks, have a good weekend.
Gail D

Re: Populate a web-form via SC ticket

Tried it but didn't work.
The log shows: "Malformedurlexception: unknown protocol: https"

Does this not work with https? The webform that I need to post data to is on a internal network which requires a user logon/password.
Gail D

Re: Populate a web-form via SC ticket

I found that HTTPS is not supported at this time, see (ITSM006851).

Any other ideals on how to do this?
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event