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Plain text vs. HTML. MS Exchange settings.

Evgeniy Bezgodo
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Plain text vs. HTML. MS Exchange settings.

HP SD 4.5 with SP19 can receive email with graphics (f.e. screenshot) inserted to message body, but attach this graphics to SC as a different txt-file content.txt. The solution ( ) is to make additional setting in Exchange:
1. Open "System Manager"
2. Go to "Global Settings - > "Internet message format"
3. Create new domain ""
4. Set the settings to send the email in plain-text format.
This will convert all messages which go from Exchange to Service Desk.

I have already checked this option, but it seems, that it is not works. The e-mail messages are still delivering in html format and attachments in SC is content.txt.
I have looked the incoming messages with sniffer: it is same before and after setting up this option 

Can anybody help me?

PS: MS Exchange 2003, HPSD 4.5 + SP19.