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Person data

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Person data


System handle is Service Desk 4.5 SP 20 on windows platform with SP1.

Is there any way to get to know if person data is related with any service calls without opening that person data form.

Mark O'Loughlin
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Re: Person data


you can do an explorer view in Service Call and use Caller as the navagation and an all call view as the base view.

You have to select each caller to see if there are any related calls but you dont have to click into the person record of the caller.

Not great but one option to begin with. I take it you don't have a report tool.
George M. Meneg
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Re: Person data

You also could use a ui rule to launch an overview action to do the same thing. I've set up such a rule for our Call Center to list the open service calls of a caller, once the caller is entered in order to avoid duplicates.
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Ruth Porter
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Re: Person data

Hi Crystenia,

If you just want to see any calls, the responses above will do that.

If however, you want to know if there are any related calls than it is more work.

You could do it by using a custom number field on a person record and then have DB rules:

1. When Caller* is not empty, updata data - add 1 to the custom number field.

2. When status; state* is Closed, subtract 1 from count.

This would maintain a count of open calls on
a person record.

It would NOT cater for someone ALTERING a caller's name from a call but that should be rarae enough that you could handle manually if it arose.

Hope this helps, Ruth