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Permissions for Checklists

Jeff Poling
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Permissions for Checklists

I need to "delegate" the ability to create and modify checklists in SD 4.5 Is there a way to accomplish this?

George M. Meneg
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Re: Permissions for Checklists

Hello Jeff,

There are two answers

1. The official

You can't delegate the ability to create and modify checklists, that needs administrator privileges.

2. The unofficial.

You can delegate checklist as you can delegate almost EVERYTHING in OVSD. However that means that you have to do a direct update to OVSD Database and risk loosing support.

To do that you must mofidy ifc_entities and for the given entity change the value on the column ent_showinconsole from 0 to 1 thus making the entity authorizable. You can delegate access to every authorizable entity. Try that on your own risk!
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