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Performance troubleshooting

Martin Westerve
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Performance troubleshooting

Hi All,

I need some tips and tricks about how to troubleshoot the performance of SD(SP14) and hope you can help me out. I know about the /benchmark parameter and the java memory settings are also clear to me., but I know there should be a possibility of tracing the statements to the database. And if you’ve got any other tips and tricks please let me know!

Best regards,

Martin Westerveld
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Mark O'Loughlin
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Re: Performance troubleshooting

Hi Martin,

you can try these

/showservergui displays the server status
/querylog log all different queries to querylog.txt
/showconsoleoutput shows some output on the console
Tim Schmitt_4
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Re: Performance troubleshooting

We've always traced database statements through the database itself because I'm not aware of any way to cpature the SQL being sent to the database through the applicaiton server. That function would be helpful.

When you say troubleshoot, do you mean the client performance or the application performance?
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Re: Performance troubleshooting

If you want to know what's the sql script run behind, for sql server, you can use Profiler to trace. For oracle oracle trace 10046 events
Ashly A K
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Re: Performance troubleshooting


If you wnat to improve the performance of Clients, you can ::
1. Reduce the number of fields in the form
2. Enable history/tracking only for the required fields
3. Re-work the UI rules

Use the DB rule checker and remove the non-working rules

In the DB Rules, you can make them more efficient by re-arranging the order of condition checking etc..

How many scheduled tasks you have ? If possible reduce them

Is there any other DB in the same DB Server ? If so, check any other tasks affecting the perforce. Find out bad performing query