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Performance Tuning SD 4.5

Jeff Poling
Outstanding Contributor.

Performance Tuning SD 4.5

Some of our users are indicating that the SD 4.5 client is "slow." How can I tune the app server and/or the database to increase performance?

We currently are running the app server on Windows 2000 virtual machine under VMware ESX Server 2.5. Our database is SQL Server 2000 SP4

We have around 20,000 service call records and 11,000 person records.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated. If additional clarity or details are needed let me know

Ramaprasad N
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Re: Performance Tuning SD 4.5

Hi Jeff,

You can increase the memory settings of the application server. This will allocate more memory for app server processes, their by increase the performance.

You can also implement multiple application servers, if you have a very good hardware. This will distribute the load on to diffenrent server instances and may enhance the performance.

Memory settings modifications are present in SD product docs. Let me know if you want me to paste the specific section here.

Raghunathan Tik
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Re: Performance Tuning SD 4.5

Hi Jeff,

check the pc requirement. here's the recommended PC requirement.

Minimum PC Requirements:

What kind of PC are you on? Older systems are susceptible to poor performance. Recommended minimum configuration is:
-- OS --> Windows XP
-- PIV 1 Ghz -- 512 MB of memory (Power Users* 1GB)
-- 55MB of available disk space
-- 1024x768 graphics resolution

check the above requirements.

If you use the Service Call View "My Workgroup(s) Open Service Calls (table)â  and you are experiencing performance issues, change to the Service Today view "Service Today for Workgroup (table)â  . This should dramatically improve your performance and you will get all the same data returned expect for To Deadline in minutes/hours.

If you are using OVSD Calculative Fields, try removing those fields from the View.

Ashly A K
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Re: Performance Tuning SD 4.5

hi!!! depends on a lot of things. On the server side, try to give as much memory as possible to the Sd Server. If you are running it as service, set the server for best performance for background processes.

In the installserver.bat or sd-Server.bat, you need to do the memory adjustments, only then you can take the advantage of the memory.

In the client side, add the server ip and name in the host file. Create the forms with as less fields as possible

You can fine tune the db rules too (like put the condition checkings and actions in an order, so that they work smart and put less load.)

there are few more...