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Passed schedule task won't gone

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Eric P_2
Outstanding Contributor.

Passed schedule task won't gone

Dear All,

I have a scheduled task created by my rules to start at October 5th 2005 and November 5th 2005, but the scheduled task still there until now..

anyone know how to erase it and why does this happened ?

Thanks in advance,
George M. Meneg
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Passed schedule task won't gone

Hello Eric,

Stop/start server. In many cases this will clear out the invalid "scheduled" entries.

As alternative you can use this query in order to clear out the scheduled tasks but have in mind that it will delete *ALL* scheduled tasks

delete from rep_javaobjects
where jav_entity = (
select ent_oid
from ifc_entities
where ent_name = 'Scheduled Tasks')

Scheduled tasks are serialized java objects and you won't be able to "decrypt" or distinguish between them with the eye.

In order to avoid this kind of problems, always base your scheduled db rules on the *CURRENT* time and not on a static field, because this leads to problems.

For example if you have a rule that it will be scheduled "2 hrs after registration;created" and somehow it gets triggered 3 hours after reg;created then you will have scheduled task occured in the past.
menes fhtagn
Roman Frolin
Respected Contributor.

Re: Passed schedule task won't gone

Try restart application server.
Eric P_2
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: Passed schedule task won't gone

Hi all,

I restart the server. the schedule for november had gone... but october one still exist.

i'll try to restart again tomorrow, if still there, i'll run your sql query.

thanks guys. will follow up again soon.