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Out of Memory Issue - Java memory setting ?

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Out of Memory Issue - Java memory setting ?

I have 4 SD servers in a pool 2 servers having 4GB of RAM and 2 having 2GM of RAM. What is the best memory settings for this configuration. At the moment all servers are running in the default memory configuration.

We are getting the error message out of Memory frequently. Also getting this error Unable to deserialize an array of objects.

SD server version 4.5
SP 14
OS: 2000 Advance Server

Is multiple server instance can help on this case ? If so how that can be implemented ?

Thanks in Advance
Ramaprasad N
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Re: Out of Memory Issue - Java memory setting ?

Hi Venki,

You can increase the memory settings from the sd_serevr.bat batch file, located in the $SD_SERVER_HOME/bin directory. There is a default option provided in the batch file, but it is commented. Un-comment that line

rem java -XX:MaxNewSize=64M -XX:NewSize=64M -Xms200M -Xmx1000M -cp lib\classloader.jar com.hp.startup.Bootstrap com.hp.ifc.bus.AppServer -showconsoleoutput %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9
java -cp lib\classloader.jar com.hp.startup.Bootstrap com.hp.ifc.bus.AppServer -showconsoleoutput %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9

and with this, you will be allocating 1GB memory for your java instance. Refer to admin guide for more details on modifying these settings.

You can implement multiple servers on the systems having 4GB memory. But I would suggest, first tune the memory settings. If everything goes well, then you don't have to implement the multiple server instances until you face the problem again. Basically, multiple server instances will not double your performance, but they will help you to some extent.

Ramaprasad N
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Re: Out of Memory Issue - Java memory setting ?

Also, make sure that you modify the installserver.bat file as well, to reflect the same settings and execute the reinstallservice.bat file, to bring this in to effect while starting the SD application server service from the constrol panel --> Administrative Tools -> services.