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Opinions on Mass Update Process

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Ryan Chamberlin
Valued Contributor.

Opinions on Mass Update Process

When we first implemented OVSD 4.5 there were a lot of things that we wish we'd done differently. As a result, there are many things we'd like to update on our CIs.

What I think we need to do is this:

1. Export the data (suggestions on how to do this I.E. Data Exchange, Views, etc)

2. Update the data (in Excel?)

3. Reimport the data into OVSD

I'd like to hear opinions from the class on both the process and any recommended tools that could make the project easier.

Thanks in advance!
Mark Teichmann
Super Contributor.

Re: Opinions on Mass Update Process

HI Ryan,

The way you want to go sounds good but there are some small things to keep in mind:

ad 1. It is easier to export the data from the OVSD database directly. If you have an ODBC connection in place then you can import the needed data directly into Excel
ad 3. Updating the data using Data Exchange works fine unless you want to clear some field values. E.g. you had a field 'Asset-ID' and now you want to clear it. In this case uploading the CI with an empty value for 'Asset-ID' will not clear the field value in OVSD. In these cases you have to either clear the value in all CIs using 'Update all' before the upload or you can make use of custom API programming using the web-api to handle this correctly.
Jonathon Druce
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Opinions on Mass Update Process

Can you give some examples of what you want to do to the CI records?