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Office 2007 support for SD4.5

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Office 2007 support for SD4.5

Hello's everyone,

We are currently experiencing the following problem, and i'm wondering if someone may be able to assist.

It initially appeared that .docx files that are sent in an email to service call cannot be read in Servicecalls (Java Null pointer errors)

We have now tested sending .doc files in word 2007, .docx file in word 2007 and .doc file in word XP and none of the three can be opened.

This is also being reported with JPGs and BMPs.

Has this been fixed in a future patch? We are currently running SD4.5.0588.1805 (SP18)

Or maybe its more a case, that i can set a new attached type?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Office 2007 support for SD4.5