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OVSD4.5-5.1 migration – role & access right

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OVSD4.5-5.1 migration – role & access right


We have a customer that wants to migrate from SD4.5 to 5.1. My understanding is things like role & access right is one of those that need to be manually recreated on 5.1, ie not supported by migration tool.

Is there any tool, eg sql query, that anyone has written that can extract such info into xls, so we can use the xls as a baseline to manually recreate the role & access right info in 5.1 ?

What I meant by role & access right above includes the following entities & their relationship:
- role
- folder
- item (eg service call, incident, problem, etc)
- access right for item (service call, incident, problem, etc): new, view, modify, history, status, etc
- access right for object (form, template, action, view)
- access right for field (id, name, description, info, etc): view, hide, write
- account per role

For specific reason, our customer has 225 folders, so there are many combination across the above entities.

Or if anyone can suggest a better approach that what I mentioned above, I would very much appreciate.

Kriengsak L