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OVSD with two ovo servers

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OVSD with two ovo servers

OVSD 4.5 SP 18
OVO windows 7.5

I have an OVO server which creates tickets in OVSD. This works fine, the vb script is creates the tickets using sd_event. This is fine.

Now I need to add a second server. This work fine too. However, I have a rule which updates the alert in OVO, and it only see the first OVO server. (OVO1)

Here is the rule:

Acknowledge OVOW message (Command Exec Action) , , Host:, Command line: cscript, Parameters: /NoLogo "\"c:\\OVOSD\\bin\\ovo-Sd.vbs\"" [Source ID] OV_MessageUpdate_Acknowledge

I need to identify which OVO server sent the alert, then i can fix the rule to look for it.

Does any one know how to set the rule? How to tell in the ticket where it came from?

I think I can modify the ticket creation process and hard code the creating server, but I was wondering how others solved this problem?
Barry Kant_2
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Re: OVSD with two ovo servers

Hi Bill,

what you can do id make use of the Accounts host name. In the used account form there is a field host as well.
The DBrule action host field can be changed like:
[Registration;Created by;Host]

This way it is interactive choosing the host depending on the user. Of course you have to make 1 user per OVO server this way.
Account Host
OVO_server1 Server1
OVO_server2 Server2

Hope this helps,

Barry Kant

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Re: OVSD with two ovo servers


I have not tried this but i am sure this will work. I have other rules which check the user organization and they work well.