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OVSD using remote Oracle on MC/SG cluster.

Jess Kristoffer
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OVSD using remote Oracle on MC/SG cluster.

Hi all.

I'm about to start an OVSD 4.5 implementation on Windows 2003 using a remote Oracle 9.2 database running on HP-UX 11.11 on a MC/SG cluster. The cluster is also running OVO-U/NNM.

Since I haven't done this before I'm looking for hints and pitfalls in the following areas:

- Oracle client installation on the Windows 2003 server. Anything special that needs to be configured? Is OVSD using SQL/C API or ODBC?
- Creation of the database. Should it reuse the SID used by OVO-U or should it be another?
- Can the wizard run on the Windows server (assuming the client connection is running) and create the table spaces, tables etc.?
- Are there anything that needs to be configured in order to handle the switchover of Oracle on the cluster i.e. timers?
- Any other hints based on your experiences?
Robert Champion
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Re: OVSD using remote Oracle on MC/SG cluster.

We have very similar config except using W2K and dual application servers.

1. I believe that OVSD uses JDBC to connect to the database.

2. We use a seperate Oracle SID and run it in it's own MC/SG package. Allows more granular recoverability if required. also allows OVO & OVSD dbms workloads to split over two boxes in the cluster.

3. Yes.

4. Define the database connection to the package name/IP address. It will be transparent to OVSD which node the oracle package is running on.

5. Not really