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OVSD guidelines for admin

Raghunathan Tik
Frequent Visitor

OVSD guidelines for admin

Is there any document (apart from Admin's Guide)that details on the various guidelines to be followed in order to have a smooth functioning of OVSD services? Say for instance, consider the size of the log file is increasing, then we can target on the following:

* Rule Manager Debug option on the Admin Console might have been enabled
* Email Debug option would have been enabled

Actions: In order to reduce the growth of log file size, the above options are to be disabled and App server to be restarted. If the Debug is required, enable only whenever it is necessary.

Similarly other issues might have been addressed in the same manner those which are either documented / non-documented. anyone having such guidelines document handy, please do share the same.

thanks in advance
Occasional Visitor

Re: OVSD guidelines for admin

Good luck. I don't know that you will find an "official" doc that lists any Service Desk best practices other than the HP pdf docs.
Raghunathan Tik
Frequent Visitor

Re: OVSD guidelines for admin

thats true, i may not be able to find an official doc as such, but believed that OVSD experts accessing the forum might have defined a consolidated document of their own by capturing all such info. thought that someone might share the same.

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