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OVSD and LANDesk

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OVSD and LANDesk

Hello all

Does know of any websites or documentation that speaks to the integration of LANDesk to OVSD. My main area of concern is the best way to import our desktop inventory from LANDesk to OVSD.


Christine Perry
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Re: OVSD and LANDesk

I did this between LD 8.0 and SD 4.5. In your INI file you define your DSN (db name, username and user password), SYSTEM and CLASSES. Look at DE Admin guide pages under 'Configuring the extractor'.

The issue comes when you want to identify the searchcode. A system name can have what SD considers invalid characters. So does the Device ID but you could strip those out. Serial numbers could be used but are stored all over the place. You need to identify something that does not change or at least very rarely (perhaps a hd goes bad).

Hope this helps.