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OVSD Web front end changes

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OVSD Web front end changes

Hi OVSD experts. 


There seems to be no documentation about the 




classes and I am not an OVSD person as such, just an external individual tasked with making some minor modifications to the OVSD web front end. 


The problem is that the 




page contains the links: 


· Incidents (full list)
· Incidents (restricted list)


These result in far too many (thousands) of incidents with no real filtering that is useful. 


Can anyone point me to any source code how to query the incident list with a filter?


I would like to be able to list on this web page:


1. All open incidents assigned to an individual and his workgroup combined into one list. 

2. All open incidents assigned to a few predetermined workgroups


The interesting points in the code I could find are:


1. ListIncidents.jsp : bean.incidents_restricted_list()


2. SDClientBean.class: incident.incidents_in_view(incident_restricted_view());


public IViewInfo incident_restricted_view()
throws NoViewException
IIncidentHome localIIncidentHome = sd_session().getIncidentHome();
return view(localIIncidentHome.getEntityID(), "restricted");


3. Incident.class: 


IIncident[] incidents_in_view(IViewInfo paramIViewInfo)

IIncident[] arrayOfIIncident = localIIncidentHome.findIncident(paramIViewInfo.oid());

4. IViewInfo.class: getEntityInfo_RestrictedList(); and getEntityInfo_FindTableView; 


As a side question, I would also like to find an incident given the incident number. 


Possible at all? Waiting anxiously for your response.