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OVSD & MS Project

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Marc Hummel
Outstanding Contributor.

OVSD & MS Project

Can OVSD 5.1 be integrated w/ MS Project Server to handle FSC? Has anyone seen an integration w/ MS Project & OVSD?

Thank you for your time.
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Elias Abboud
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Re: OVSD & MS Project

AFAIK, No out of the box integration exists between OVSD & MS Project.

But if you explain exactly what you need to do then maybe a custom integration can be achieved using some coding skills as the SD has a lot of integration points and MS project exposes its objects via .Net Assemblies. So probably there is a way to achieve your end goal using .Net code and SD integration points.

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Mike Khashan CA
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Re: OVSD & MS Project

Hey Marc,
Here is an option you may consider for this:

1- Ensure SD client is installed on the PC according to itâ s default location.
2- Identify the tasks from a project to import to xls or into slq table. Or cvs file.
3- Configure ODBC connection to the table or data source from step 2.
4- Configure sd_export command to read the data source file of step 2 through 3.
5- Create work orders templates and fill in most of the required fields if you can.
6- Create SD account to be used for sd_import command.
7- Created import mapping.
8- Configure sd_import command according to step 4, 5 & 6.
9- Try to run the export from MS project manually as well as sd_export and sd_import.
10- Fix and troubleshoot.
11- Create a patch file of VB script to automate MS export, sd_export and sd_import.
12- Create a MACRO button or action to execute the script from step 10.

You might need someone who knows MS project well in order to use the export as needed and to create the MACRO.

Hops this helps.
Mike K
Marc Hummel
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: OVSD & MS Project

Mike K!!!

Thank you very much, this looks like a good approach.

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