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OVSD DB rule error

Nabeel Amjad
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OVSD DB rule error

Hi everybody. I am been facing strange kind of error when i am creating a new Db rule and opening it later on. The rules get created easily however, when i try to edit it, it gives me the following error

"Could not show dialog(com.hp.ov.obs.admin.rules.db.form.DBRuleWizard)"

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Re: OVSD DB rule error

Hi Nabeel,

This sounds to be a known issue as per the release notes. Btw which version, patch level and OS you are in ?

From the doc:

Modifying the database rules that are uploaded into Service Desk during the configuration of the integration
might result in the following error:
Could not show dialog(com.hp.ov.obs.admin.rules.db.form.DBRuleWizard).
Restart the Service Desk server processes with the commands: ovc â stop and ovc -start.

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Nabeel Amjad
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Re: OVSD DB rule error

Hi izad,
Yes i went through them and i stopped all the processes. The problem was resolved. However, there is another problem now, all my forms and views are missing. So i am trying to find out a way to get them back.
The version is 5.1.