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OVSD 5.1 server replication

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OVSD 5.1 server replication

Hi ,

we have configured OVSD 5.1 on Oracle environment at a customer site.Now customer is going for a Disaster Site where OVSD server is also going to be part of the setup.
please guide us on the following issues:
1. how to replicate the the data from the OVSD server in production site to the DR site.
2. Is there is Only database replication happening or any other files which has to manually replicated.

Mark O'Loughlin
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Re: OVSD 5.1 server replication


in the past I have asked the oracle DBA to make a regular copy of the database. We later changed this ti use some oracle tools to male a copy and to then keep the 2 databases synched. If one DB went off line we could quickly switch over to the other one. The DBA set this up and I can't remember exactly what they did.

As well as the database you also need to have the ability to restore the application server(s). I found it easier just to ghost the application servers and have the image available to use in the time of a disaster. Ensure the image is kept up to date for any changes that may be made on the app server itsself e.g. service pages customisations, java updates etc.