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OVSD 5.1 CISCO CTI Integration

Indu Arun
Occasional Contributor

OVSD 5.1 CISCO CTI Integration

Has anybody done this integration. If so please share the procedure

thanks in advance

Frequent Visitor

Re: OVSD 5.1 CISCO CTI Integration

I have not done this integration..but heard that it can be partially achieved using ovconsolecmd.
Suppose you want to search all teh calls logged by a caller (whose number is provided by your CTI application), you could call following command:
ovconsolecmd -itemName="Service call" -showView
-filter="Caller.PrimaryTelephoneNumber = \"3441\""

Here 3441 is the primary telephone number of caller.
Ruth Porter
Honored Contributor

Re: OVSD 5.1 CISCO CTI Integration

Hi there,

In version 4.5 try:
sd_dataform "Demo Simple Service Call" "+Caller.PrimaryTelephoneNumber="

In 5 try:

ovconsolecmd -showNewForm -itemName="Service call" -initialValues=â Telephone

See chapter 5 of the relevant Admin guide

Hope this helps, Ruth
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event