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OVSD 4.5 versus OmniTracker

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James Mohr

OVSD 4.5 versus OmniTracker

Hi All!

Because of a few limitations in service reporting related to availability, my boss wants me to take a look at OmniTracker. I have installed it and have began to play with it, but I was wondering if anyone has had experience with it and can provide a comparison of the two.

I would be grateful for any assistance.

Best Regards,

Jonathon Druce
Honored Contributor

Re: OVSD 4.5 versus OmniTracker

You may also want to look at Service Center. You maybe able to negotiate a licence transfer and the service availability tracking is a bit more powerful.

Can't comment on Omnitracker.
James Mohr

Re: OVSD 4.5 versus OmniTracker

ServiceCenter? All I know about is ServiceManager. Am I missing something?
Mark O'Loughlin
Honored Contributor

Re: OVSD 4.5 versus OmniTracker

Hi James,

you have probably seen threads about Service Manager being the replacement for OVSD. Service Manager is also the follow on from Service Center and much of the functionality of SC whass been added to SM7.

Perigine have (had) their own support tools which I can see being added to the hp suite of tools. I guess the suggestion is to also have a look at what tools hp may be plannig to release in conjunction with SM 7 or what tools are available now.

I dont know what SM7 and SC can provide out of the box for what you want.
André Alves
Occasional Advisor

Re: OVSD 4.5 versus OmniTracker


i have done several implementations with omnitracker and know SD45
Omnitracker is a powerfull tool and the reporting part linked to B.I is better than in SD45
SD45 doesn't contain really reports and if you want to do report management you need to have some external application (Cognos, B.I,...)
I use Crystal Reports XI with Omnitracker and customers are very satisfied with the tool and his options as well as with the reporting part.

James Mohr

Re: OVSD 4.5 versus OmniTracker

Considering that both internal HP people and external consults have said (more or less) that service manager is not designed to be implemented by the end-user but rather you need to pay extra for high-fee consultants, we have pretty much made the decision to move elsewhere.

I implemented OpenView Operation and OVSD with no much outside help (emails and phone calls). Both OVSD and OmniTracker are very intuitive as well as easy to use and implement. I think it is sad, that HP decided to move to something so complicated and most of all difficult to use.
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