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OVSD 4.5 brand creation


OVSD 4.5 brand creation

Hi experts,

I notice when I tried to create new brand in CI form, the new option is disabled if my account is not administrator.pls take a look at attachment.
The account has view, create, modify rights for CI

Can someone tell me where goes wrong?


Rajesh Nair
Esteemed Contributor

Re: OVSD 4.5 brand creation

Dear SD,

You will require ADMIN RIGHTS if you need to add new BRAND. To create a new BRAND you need access to the Administrator Console which is available only for users with ADMIN RIGHTS.


Mike Bush
Honored Contributor

Re: OVSD 4.5 brand creation

I would agree that this is "A right pain" and one of those places where you wish some Admin rights could be devolved to ordinary users.

We have made it work in a rather convoluted way - you create an import mapping for Brand, then a very cut down form for CI which just contains a Custom CI field "New Brand", then a Smart Action can throw up this form via SD_DATAFORM to modify a "static" CI (called something like "NEW_BRAND_CI_DO_NOT_DELETE" ) so that a value can be entered so that a DB rule can fire to run SD_EVENT on the server with the mapping.

The Smart Action and special form can then be given to people needing to create Brand (like your Config Manager) WITHOUT the need to give loads of Admin rights. Have also made this work for LOCATION creation.

(I told you it was convoluted)
Peter Dent
Frequent Visitor

Re: OVSD 4.5 brand creation


That seems like a clever way to get around the tedious problem of constant code list updates.

I understand the use of the rules and the forms etc.

The only bit I don't understand is where the mapping reads the data from to do the import?

All imports that I have done read from an XML file, but your process updates a CI form?

Where does the mapping point to for the data then?

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event